Our object collection includes prize trophies, commemorative items, sports implements, outfits and posters from the 19th century to the present day.

Each museum object has a story. For some objects the story gives a whole new dimension. Paavo Nurmi’s miniature statue is a fine object in itself, but it becomes a lot more interesting when you learn that it was used in a famous practical joke in a sunken ship in 1961. You can read the story of this 3D object and 71 others on our Sketchfab page. Our 3D objects can be viewed from many angles from near and afar. 3D objects are a cross-section of our object collection.

You can browse our collection of objects and posters in Finna, the collective search service of Finnish museums, libraries and archives. Photographs in Finna can be downloaded and used for free, if the photographer and the Sports Museum of Finland are credited. We will update our content in Finna regularly.

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