24.11.2022 - 27.8.2023

2022 Gone with the snow

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  • Sports Museum of Finland

Menneen talven lumet -näyttely

The power of sport against the climate change Where and how we practice sports matters. Sports and physical activities leave many kind of traces in our environment and society. The journey toward more sustainable sports culture has already begun.

The exhibition explores the role of sports in climate change and sustainable development. Is the snow and ice, which are an essential part of Finnish sports and physical culture, permanently melting away due to our own actions? The themes of the exhibition include nature-based exercise, infrastructure, access to fields, and everyday actions from individuals to associations and businesses.

The contents provoke reflection on one’s own activities related to sports and physical exercise from an environmental perspective. In the interactive exhibition, you can ride a city bike. Explore different types of artificial turf and play soccer with a friend!

The exhibition has been made possible by the main partners of TAHTO, Luhta, Sanoma, and Veikkaus, as well as the exhibition partners Metsähallitus, Paroc, St1, Tomra, and Lappset.

Gone With the Snow in TAHTO 25.11.2022–27.8.2023

Gone With the Snow -exhibition