1) Delivery

The photographs will be delivered by e-mail as JPG files in A4 size (300 dpi resolution).

2) One-Time Publication Right

The Sports Museum of Finland grants one-time picture publication rights for a purpose agreed in advance and charges a fee for the publication right in accordance with its price list applicable at that moment. The granted one-time publication right shall not be construed as an exclusive right, nor may it be sold or assigned to any third parties. Copyright does not transfer to the buyer of the publication right of the picture (hereinafter “Client”).

3) Client’s Liabilities and Obligations

a) The Client is responsible for the legality of the context where the pictures are used, for the obtainment of permissions and consents required for their publication, and for the observation of generally established practices and decency upon their publication. The Client shall also obtain the permissions needed for any persons, works of art, trademarks and proprietary rights shown in the pictures.

b) In order to obtain the publication right, the Client shall state in advance the way of use of the picture, the publication or advertising media where the picture will be published, and the end user of the picture.

c) Any additional or follow-up use of the picture must be notified in advance to the Sports Museum of Finland.

4) Instructions and Restrictions of Publication

a) Any use of the pictures must be agreed on in advance.

b) When publishing the pictures the name of the photographer and/or that of the Sports Museum of Finland shall be mentioned as the source.

c) The pictures shall not be manipulated in any way without prior consent of the Sports Museum of Finland.

d) The maximum permitted size of a picture published on the Internet is 900×1200 pixels.

5) Remarks

a) Any complaints about the order must be made immediately upon receipt of the pictures.

b) Digital picture files must be destroyed immediately after use and may not be stored.