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Unveiling the Rich History of Sports at the Olympic Stadium

Located at the iconic Olympic Stadium, our exhibitions offer a deep dive into the thrilling world of sports. From the early days of athletic competitions to the modern era of international sports, visitors can explore a wide array of artifacts and multimedia displays that bring the past to life. Each exhibit is carefully curated to showcase the evolution of sports and the significant moments that have shaped its history.

Whether you’re a history buff or a sports enthusiast, the journey through these exhibitions is both enlightening and inspiring. The stories of legendary athletes and landmark events are presented in a way that resonates with all ages, making it a perfect educational outing for families, schools, and sports teams.

Interactive and Engaging Activities for All Ages

We believe in making learning about sports history an interactive experience. Our exhibitions are equipped with various hands-on activities that engage visitors in the physical aspects of sports. Participate in interactive quizzes that test your sports knowledge.

These activities are designed not only to entertain but also to educate. They provide a unique perspective on the skills and dedication required to excel in sports, offering valuable lessons on perseverance and discipline that are applicable both on and off the field.

Sustainability and Cultural Preservation

As we showcase the glorious past and exciting present of sports, we are also committed to a sustainable future. In our operations, we prioritize environmental considerations and cultural preservation. This commitment is reflected in how we manage our exhibitions and facilities.

Our approach includes using sustainable materials and recycling exhibit components whenever possible. We also support our staff and visitors in making environmentally responsible choices, ensuring that our love for sports goes hand in hand with respect for our planet.

Why Visit Us?

Visiting our sports exhibitions offers more than just a walk through history. It’s an opportunity to experience the passion and emotion that sports can evoke. It’s about understanding the cultural impact of sports and appreciating the timeless values they teach us: teamwork, respect, and the pursuit of excellence.

Whether you’re looking to inspire a young athlete, reconnect with your own sporting past, or simply enjoy a day out filled with excitement and learning, our doors are open. Come and experience the magic of sports in a way that only we can offer, right here in the heart of Helsinki.

By exploring these stories and engaging with our exhibits, visitors of all ages leave with a deeper appreciation of sports and the role it plays in shaping individuals and cultures. We invite you to be part of this ongoing story, where every visit enlightens and every story inspires.

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